Everyone we know wants to contribute to solutions, but few of them actually know how. How do you distinguish the pioneers from the pretenders? To help you better understand how precisely sustainability functions as our brand moral compass, we’ve consolidated our ambitions into five core sustainable values.



The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. To change this, we must on the one hand make consumers aware of their role in the problem and on the other hand offer products, services and business models that contribute to the solution.


Social Impact

People are central to everything we do. We do everything we can, within our value chain, to ensure that people and animals are well off.

By choosing suppliers who are demonstrably good for people and animals and pay a fair price for them, we contribute to the SDGs: (8) Decent work and economic growth and (10) Reducing inequality.


Environmental Impact

Our planet and our future are at stake. As a 'direct to consumer' brand, we do not depend on anyone and we make a conscious choice to minimise our impact on the environment in everything we do.

By choosing organic raw materials where possible and producing all our materials and products in one country (Italy) and choosing suppliers who demonstrably reduce their impact on the environment (CO2, chemicals, water, energy and waste) permanently, we contribute to the SDGs: (13) Climate action, (14) Life on water, (15) Life on land.



We also take responsibility for extending the life of what we have sold. Older items often linger endlessly in the cupboard, are eventually thrown away and end up in the ever-growing mountains of waste.

By taking back what has been sold and giving it a second chance in a second-hand circuit or by recycling it in a specialised ecosystem in Italy, we contribute to SDGs: (12) Responsible production and consumption, (13) Climate action, (15) Live on it.



The above 4 pillars are driven by our purpose and mission but become implausible if we cannot support them by evidence. That is why we strive to provide insight into the entire chain and our prices, including the associated international certifications.

Again, we cannot do this alone and by building an ecosystem where the customer, suppliers, the planet and Valor benefit equally, we contribute to SDG: (17) Partnership to achieve goals.